late 18th Century
Karoshi is created as a front company for robber barons, military extremists, and the Ronin founders of the Yakuza. (C1)

Kelton Mosby is born. (C1)

The Li'l Ella movies are produced by Kelton Mosby. The movies star a small child named Ella Fiscus, and feature the girl interacting with a barnyard menagerie of animated characters. It remains unknown if Ella was really a child, and rumors persist that she was a midget engaged in a sexual relationship with Mosby. (C1, C2)

February 13, 1928
Ella Fiscus is killed by a lathe while touring a factory outside Akron, New York. Mosby makes a promise that Ella will not be replaced, effectively ending the Li'l Ella series of movies. (C2)

The stock market crashes, nearly wiping Mosby out. (C2)

Kelton Mosby announces production on a new series of Li'l Ella cartoons. They go on to surpass the popularity of the original films. (C2)

U.S. involvement in World War II. During this period the town of Roswell, New Mexico is occupied by the first wave of an alien invasion. (C1)

August 6, 1945
The atomic bomb is detonated in Hiroshima, Japan. Hiro Akuba, the founder of Karoshi and resident of Hiroshima, is detained from his home by car trouble. (C2)

R.J. MacreadyRoswell residents suborned by alien invaders betray and murder their hosts, stealing the alien technology. The only surviving extraterrestrial is renamed R.J. Macready and relocated to modest living quarters at Area 51. (C1, C9)

Bronson Travis opens Friendly's Radio Repair for business on Main Street in Roswell, New Mexico. (C1)

Bronson Travis II is present at the autopsy of an alien in Roswell. (C4)

Friendly's Radio Repair is purchased by Mosby Leisure Incorporated and expands to become Friendly Family. (C1)

The Li'l Ella movies are re-released by Friendly Family. Production begins on a brand new series of Li'l Ella cartoons for television. These cartoons portray an accurate representation of the relationship between Kelton Mosby and his underage niece. (C1, C2)

The animator's union goes on strike. Pornographic Li'l Ella cartoons appear on the market. (C1)

The full-length animated feature "Li'l Ella in Wonderland" is released. (C11)

Friendly Family moves their corporate headquarters to Los Angeles. The offices are built on a tract of land originally meant for public housing. (C1)

A series of scandalous incidents, including pornographic Li'l Ella comic books and a teenage sex ring featuring prostitutes dressed as Li'l Ella causes the network cancellation of Li'l Ella Time. (C2)

The feminist movement causes a sharp decline in sales of Li'l Ella toys. (C2)

Kelton Mosby dies of a heart attack, possibly induced by sodium morphate poisoning. He was found in a Nevada hotel room with two underage girls. (C1, C2)

Friendly Family is renamed MacroFamily. (C1)

Macroville, a theme park based on the creations of Kelton Mosby, is opened in San Fernando Valley, California. (C1)

MacroFamily technology is instrumental in the development of targeting systems for American combat aircraft in the Vietnam War. (C1)

MacroFamily is renamed MacroWorld. (C1)

Bronson Travis II bullies his father into relinquishing control of the company. Travis II sells every license to service corporations, creating a cross-financed empire that triples the company holdings. (C1)

MacroWorld is renamed MacroCorp. (C1)

Travis II purchases television stations, movie studios, software companies, and in secrecy, a piece of the United States. Unknown to the public, the President becomes a paid employee of MacroCorp. (C1)

Nostalgia for Li'l Ella animation and merchandise spreads among baby boomers. (C2)

MacroCorp joins with Karoshi to form Karoshi/Macrocorp. (C1)

The series Cyberella and the Cyberelves is aired on television, becoming a surprise hit and boosting sales of merchandise. (C2)

21st Century
The Cyberella video game is created as a means to monitor and control the masses. (C1)

The existence of R.J. Macready is revealed to the world. (C9)

CyberellaCyberella 1-2 - Bronson Travis III murders his father and becomes the new CEO of Karoshi/Macrocorp. Travis II is demoted to the status of junior executive. Level One Nanostacker Sunny Winston plays a game of Cyberella, engaging in unexpected subterfuge to win. Her tactics draw the attention of the DataCops and they bring her in for interrogation. K/M test-fires their Wormhole Project, creating a power surge that backfires into Sunny. The power surge causes Sunny to be trapped in role-playing mode during her interrogation and she becomes the living embodiment of Cyberella.

Cyberella #3 - Cyberella battles the DataCops and heads for K/M headquarters in search of Travis III.

Belair EdomCyberella #4 - Belair Edom arrives at Karoshi/Macrocorp to cement his deal with Bronson Travis III. Cyberella scales the K/M building, evading the DataCops and K/M security. She encounters Travis II and pulls his life-support plugs.

Cyberella #5 - Belair Edom's Necronauts invade Slangeliego. Cyberella/Sunny Winston confronts Travis III.

Cyberella #6 - Cyberella encounters the Necronauts and uses non-violent means to subdue them. She employs the DataCops to help her fight the Necronauts and plug the wormhole.

Cyberella #7 - Cyberella is plucked from the streets of Slangeliego by Belair Edom and he riddles her with doubt. Lone Gunman is replaced by Solomon. The Necronauts merge into one and Cyberella attempts using the giant Necronaut to plug the wormhole. Jon Hexem kills Bronson Travis III and the CEO is turned into a Necronaut.

Cyberella #8 - Cyberella/Sunny Winston battles the Travis III Necronaut. She uses city debris to plug the wormhole for good. Belair Edom becomes the new CEO of Karoshi/Macrocorp. Cyberella dissapears and is later released from a K/M storage facility by R.J. Macready and Tal Styrn.

Jon Hexem places the Digitina project into accelerated development. (C9, C10)

R.J. MacreadyCyberella #9 - R.J. Macready watches his favorite show The Informers and plots the destruction of Slangeliego.

The Willy and Wanda Wuvzum toys are released by Karoshi/Macrocorp, and sales of the huggable dolls skyrocket. (C10)

An underground movement against K/M and worshipping Cyberella emerges in Slangeliego, led by Tal Styrn. (C10)

WuvzumCyberella #10 - Cyberella wanders the desert, eventually encountering Area 51 and the tomb of Kelton Mosby. Digitina demonstrates her abilities. Four random Wuvzums around the city grow uncontrollably without explanation, killing scores of city residents.

Cyberella #11 - K/M forces are useless against the Wuvzums. Cyberella revives the corpse of Ella Fiscus. Cyberella and Digitina fight, and Ella takes control of Karoshi/Macrocorp. Cyberella is enlarged to fight the Wuvzums.

Cyberella #12 - Cyberella sews the Wuvzums together and drags them out to sea. Tal Styrn and Digitina fight. Jon Hexem destroys Area 51. Ella Fiscus takes over the positions of CEO and CFO at K/M. Cyberella is shrunk back down to normal size.