Comic Book Geek Purity Test
Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
The "post-Crisis" button is at the bottom.

  1. Have you ever bought a comic?
  2. ...for yourself?
  3. Have you ever gone into a comic book store?
  4. buy comics?
  5. ...on a regular basis?
  6. ...once a week?
  7. ...on a Wednesday?
  8. ...because you had nothing better to do?
  9. Have you ever read comics in the store?
  10. ...and been kicked out?

  11. Have you ever spent more than (check all that apply):
  12. ...two hours in the store?
  13. ...four hours?
  14. ...six hours?
  15. Have you ever referred to your local comics supplier as your 'dealer'?

  16. How far do you travel to get to a store (check all that apply):
  17. at least 1 mile
  18. 5+ miles
  19. 10+ miles
  20. 20+ miles
  21. 30+ miles
  22. Have you ever worked in a comic book store?
  23. ...for free comics or the mere opportunity to read them?
  24. Do you mail order any comics?
  25. Are you currently subscribed to any comic book?
  26. Do you have a membership at your local store?
  27. ...and buy enough to qualify for a substantial discount?
  28. Do you pick your comics up weekly?
  29. ...on Wednesdays?
  30. soon as the store opens?
  31. Have you ever stood outside a comic book store waiting for it to open?
  32. ...for more than an hour?

  33. How much do you spend per week (all that apply):
  34. at least $5
  35. $15+
  36. $25+
  37. $35+
  38. $45+
  39. Does a significant amount of your spending money (75%) go toward comics?

  40. Have you ever:
  41. ...avoided purchasing other items you wanted in order to afford your comics?
  42. ...avoided purchasing other items you needed in order to afford your comics?
  43. ...bought two copies of a comic, 'one to read and one to keep'?
  44. Have you ever bought a comic on the chance it may go up in value?
  45. ...and it didn't?

  46. Do you buy comics exclusively from one publisher?
  47. Do you buy comics from six or more publishers?
  48. ...and the majority of them are 'mainstream' companies?
  49. Do you own a complete run on a title past the 100th issue?
  50. ...the 200th issue?
  51. Do you own 100 consecutive issues of a particular title?
  52. ...200 issues?
  53. ...300 issues?
  54. Do you collect all the comics within a certain group of titles or featuring a certain character?
  55. ...including guest appearances?
  56. Have you ever bought every part of a crossover, regardless of whether you collected those titles or not?
  57. ...for the sake of completeness?

  58. Have you ever:
  59. ...continued to buy a series just to complete your run?
  60. ...bought all the variants of a single issue?
  61. ...suffered from 'collector's mentality'?
  62. Do you buy any comics related publications?
  63. ...for the price guide alone?
  64. Do you read Previews?
  65. ...and use it to create a shopping list?
  66. ...and save the old issues?
  67. Have you ever bought a trade paperback, even though you owned the original comics?
  68. ...because the publisher added new story pages?
  69. ...for the sake of completeness?
  70. Did you buy the Crisis on Infinite Earths hardcover collection?
  71. ...despite having bought the miniseries when it came out?
  72. Have you ever read the novelization of a comic storyline?
  73. ...purchased the novelization?
  74. Have you ever bought a back issue?
  75. ...for $10 or more?
  76. $50+
  77. $100+
  78. $1000+
  79. Have you ever bought a comic because of a writer?
  80. ...because of an artist?
  81. Do you buy everything produced by a certain creator?
  82. Have you ever defended this person in a heated debate?
  83. ...and walked away triumphant?

  84. Have you ever called for the horrible, gruesome, bloody death of:
  85. ...any comics creator?
  86. ...Rob Liefeld?
  87. ...John Byrne?
  88. ...Howard Mackie?
  89. ...Bob Harras?
  90. ...Joel Schumacher?
  91. Have you ever met your favorite comic creator?
  92. ...and were too nervous to talk to them?
  93. ...and managed to make a complete jackass of yourself?
  94. Have you ever gotten a comic autographed?
  95. ...and waited more than an hour on line for the honor?
  96. ...three hours?
  97. ...five hours?

  98. Have you ever written a letter to a comic book?
  99. ...every month?
  100. ...and had it published?
  101. ...and received a canned response?
  102. Have you ever received a 'No-Prize'?
  103. Have you ever written a letter to your favorite creator?
  104. Have you ever voted for a comics award?
  105. ...and fixed the ballots?
  106. Have you ever done anything to prepare you for a career in the comics industry?
  107. ...and then gone on to do something else for a living?

  108. Have you ever attended a college because:
  109. ...they offered courses that had comics for required reading?
  110. ...they offered a comics-related major?
  111. ...their library had a wide selection of comic-related books?
  112. Have you ever read Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud?

  113. Have you ever watched a comics movie 'just to see how they ruined it'?
  114. Have you ever seen a Kevin Smith movie?
  115. ...seen all of them?
  116. ...and then discussed continuity?
  117. Do you watch Batman-Superman Adventures?
  118. ...on a regular basis?
  119. ...and believe that it is the model on which all comic screen adaptations should be judged?
  120. ...and believe that it is the model on which all television animation should be judged?
  121. ...and believe that the animated Batman is the 'definitive' Batman?

  122. Can you name at least seven comics publishers?
  123. ...fourteen?
  124. Can you name four defunct companies?
  125. Do you ever refer to the 'Big Three'?

  126. Can you name at least:
  127. ...five inkers?
  128. ...five letterers?
  129. ...five colorists?
  130. ...five editors?
  131. Can you name half the writers on Wizard's Top Ten List?
  132. ...artists?
  133. Do you ever use the term 'sequential art' in reference to comics?

  134. Have you ever used any of the following terms and abbreviations:
  135. drooling fanboy
  136. retcon
  137. pull list
  138. post-Crisis
  139. 'Supes'
  140. nimbo
  141. normal conversation?
  142. Do you know more comics trivia than your local supplier?

  143. Are you capable of explaining in detail:
  144. ...Crisis on Infinite Earths?
  145. ...the Summers Family?
  146. ...Marvel's financial problems?
  147. ...the history of Donna Troy?
  148. ...the origin of Wolverine?
  149. ...hypertime?
  150. Have you ever attempted to describe any of these to a non-comics person?
  151. ...and did you continue to speak even when it became clear they didn't understand?

  152. Have you ever played 'Strip Comics Trivia'?
  153. get laid?
  154. ...with someone you weren't attracted to because you couldn't get anyone else to play?
  155. ...and gotten caught by your parents?
  156. ...and have never read a Kevin Smith comic?
  157. Have you ever tried to pick up someone in a comic book store?
  158. Have you ever been attracted to someone because they reminded you of a particular comic character?
  159. Have you ever dated a comic book geek?
  160. ...and broken up because you argued constantly about comic related matters?
  161. Have you ever broken up because your significant other ruined your comics?
  162. Have you ever spurned sex for comics?
  163. Have you ever thought about super-hero anatomy?
  164. ...during sex?
  165. Have you ever done drugs just to fully experience a comic?
  166. ...written by a British writer?
  167. Have you ever skipped work or cut school to buy comics?
  168. ...skipped both on the same day?

  169. Are you a comics reader between the ages of 13 and 18?
  170. ...above the age of 35?

  171. Are the majority of your friends:
  172. ...geeks?
  173. ...comic geeks?
  174. ...trekkies?
  175. ...gamers?
  176. ...people you met on the Internet?

  177. Have you ever owned an animal named for one of the members of the 'Legion of Superpets'?
  178. Do you ever refer to your bedroom as your 'Fortress of Solitude'?
  179. Are your bedroom walls adorned with comic posters?
  180. Do you own a statue of your favorite character?
  181. ...that cost more than $100?
  182. Do you own an action figure of your favorite character?
  183. ...that your parents did not buy for you?
  184. ...that you still play with?
  185. ...and have never removed it from the original packaging?
  186. Do you own a T-shirt of your favorite character?
  187. ...5 or more?
  188. ...10 or more?
  189. Do these shirts comprise your primary attire?
  190. Have you ever gotten a comics tattoo?
  191. Have you ever worn a superhero costume?
  192. ...after the age of 12?
  193. ...on a day other than Halloween?
  194. ...when you were not attending a convention?
  195. Have you ever attended a comic convention?
  196. ...a Star Trek convention?
  197. ...a gamer's convention?

  198. Have you ever gone to a comics convention that was (check all that apply):
  199. ...50+ miles from your house?
  200. 100+
  201. 500+
  202. ...on the other side of the country?
  203. another country?
  204. Did you try to bring at least half your collection?
  205. ...and failed miserably?
  206. Have you ever met a scantily-clad model from a 'bad girl' book?
  207. ...and had your picture taken with her?

  208. Have you ever gone to a convention:
  209. ...just for the 'atmosphere'?
  210. humilate other comic geeks?
  211. humilate creators?
  212. get even with someone?
  213. ...for validation of your superior comics intellect?
  214. hook up with a member of the opposite sex?
  215. ...and called your parents afterwards because you were broke and couldn't get home?

  216. Have you ever published a fan magazine about comics?
  217. Have you ever self-published your own comic book?
  218. ...and sold most of the print run to your close friends and family?
  219. Have you ever incorporated comics into a non-comics related school or work assignment?
  220. Have you ever reviewed a comic book for a printed publication?
  221. ...for a web site or e-zine?
  222. Have you ever written annotations for your favorite comic book?
  223. ...a FAQ file?
  224. ...a continuity timeline?
  225. Have you ever written comics-related fan fiction?
  226. ...that was perverted in any way?
  227. Have you ever created fan art for your favorite character or title?
  228. ...that was later published?

  229. Have you ever willingly called yourself a:
  230. ...fanboy or fangirl?
  231. ...comic geek?
  232. ...otaku?
  233. ...trekkie? (or trekker)
  234. ...X-Phile?
  235. Have you ever taken any other geek purity test?
  236. ...and scored over 50% corrupt?

  237. Do you ever obsess over the minute details of:
  238. ...Star Wars?
  239. ...Star Trek?
  240. ...Disney movies?
  241. Have you ever called anyone a 'nerf-herder'?

  242. Do you read manga?
  243. ...and learned Japanese to do so?
  244. Have you ever wanted to live in Japan because of manga?
  245. ...and actually moved there?
  246. Have you ever bought any doujinshi?
  247. Have you ever attended a doujinshi convention?
  248. ...and sold your own work there?
  249. Have you ever been annoyed with someone who uses the term 'Japanimation'?
  250. ...and gotten on their case about it?
  251. ...and resorted to physical violence?
  252. Have you read Manga! Manga! by Frederick L. Schodt?
  253. ...Dreamland Japan?
  254. ...and refer to them as the 'Old Testament' and the 'New Testament' of manga?
  255. Do you contemplate the differences between manga and American comics?
  256. ...and then contemplate the cultural reasons for those differences?
  257. Do you believe that manga is going to 'revolutionize' the American comics industry?

  258. Can you name at least:
  259. manga artist?
  260. ...five artists?
  261. ...more than five?
  262. Do you know what CLAMP is?
  263. Can you name three or more members of CLAMP?
  264. Do you know what hentai is?
  265. Do you own any hentai?
  266. Do you own both the english and japanese versions of the same manga?
  267. ...and bought the english version first?
  268. Have you ever gone to Japan just to buy manga cover price?
  269. Do you know the general currency conversion rate of yen to dollars?
  270. ...and whine about how much japanese bookstores rip you off?
  271. Do you know the exact currency conversion rate of yen to dollars?

  272. Have you ever used a screen name taken from a comic book character?
  273. Do you surf the web for comics sites?
  274. ...and bookmarked any?
  275. Do you run a comics related site?
  276. ...listed on Jonah Weiland's Comic Book Resources?
  277. ...listed on Digital Webbing?
  278. Are you subscribed to a rec.arts.comics newsgroup?
  279. ...three or more?
  280. Have you ever posted to one?
  281. ...and started a debate?
  282. Have you ever flamed anyone over a comic-related matter?
  283. Are you on a comics related mailing list?
  284. Do you run a comic related mailing list?
  285. Do you own any comic database software?
  286. ...that you actually use?
  287. ...that you actually paid for?

  288. How many comics do you own (check all that apply)?
  289. 100+
  290. 500+
  291. 1000+
  292. 1500+
  293. 2000+
  294. 5000+
  295. 10000+
  296. Do you know the exact amount?

  297. How many Trade Paperbacks do you own (check all that apply)?
  298. 5+
  299. 15+
  300. 30+
  301. 50+
  302. 100+
  303. 200+

  304. Do you:
  305. ...bag your comics?
  306. ...bag and board them?
  307. your collection?
  308. Are your comics arranged in strict alphabetical order?
  309. Are your comics arranged by cover date?
  310. ...on purpose?
  311. Do you keep your comics in a room other than your bedroom?
  312. ...and refer to this room as your 'Vault' or 'Fortress of Solitude'?
  313. Have you ever cried when a comic gets ruined?

  314. Does 'ruined' for you refer to anything less than:
  315. ...very fine?
  316. ...near mint?
  317. Have you ever replaced a ruined comic with a new copy?
  318. Have you ever argued with a comic book store employee over the condition of a comic?
  319. ...and the argument involved the positioning of staples?
  320. ...and won?