early 1400's
Nox arrives on Earth. Over the centuries he is regarded as both god and devil, going into hiding as the human population increases. (G5)

October 28th, 1999
A wormhole causes Mount Diablo to erupt in Northern California, spewing poisonous gases and releasing twenty-five species of daikaiju. Rroar is too large and becomes stuck in the mountain. The Diablo Valley is evacuated and the area is dubbed the "Territories." (G1)

General Aubrey Selkirk comes out of retirement. (G1)

Nox comes out of hiding to meet the other kaiju. (G5)

Treasure Island becomes a military research center dedicated to eliminating the kaiju. Steven Azuma quits his job at GenCode to head the project. His work in genetic cross-breeding is used to create hybrid super-soldiers. The project is dubbed "Giantkiller" and the first subject is named "Jack" by General Selkirk. (G1)

May 2000
Gary Brigstine and other pagan worshippers participate in a ceremony dedicated to the deathgod Jotun in Fresno. They are placed under FBI surveillance. (G4)

June 22, 2000
FBI Agent Jill Sleet confronts Brigstine and his followers in the territories. The group is killed by Jotun, and Jill is seriously wounded by Brigstine. Jill is found by the government and becomes a subject for Project Giantkiller. Her DNA is combined with that of a kaiju and she spends the next six months exploring the Territories and cataloguing the monsters. (G4)

December 2000
Jill quits Project Giantkiller and goes to work for the private sector. (G4)

November 2001
Agent Clay Hardesty begins his fanatical pursuit of Jill. (G3)

November 17, 2001
Jack wakes up and is released from the growth tank. He begins an extensive educational program designed to teach him the skills required for the elimination of the daikaiju. He finishes his elementary education in six weeks and spends another six months viewing training videos and learning the warrior's code. (G1)

December 4th, 2002
Jack confronts and kills Ig. It is his first battle. (G1)

December 14th, 2002
Jill is stuck in traffic on Highway 24 when Diablo crosses. (G1)

January 8th, 2003
Jack confronts Kibosh and Shrill at the Sacramento River. He kills them both and destroys their egg clutch. He meets Jill, who is there to collect genetic samples from the clutch remains. (G2)

early February 2003
Jack is sent out on a solo two-week recon of the Territories. (G3)

February 14th, 2003
3:35 PM
Jill is being pursued by Agent Clay Hardesty when the two are confronted by Zomm. Zomm kills Agent Hardesty and destroys Jill's car. Hardesty is resurrected as a kaiju-like zombie. (G3)

5:17 PM
Jack witnesses a fight between Zomm and Banjax, Jack is badly hurt and discovered by Jill. General Selkirk informs Azuma that if Jack doesn't come back, a nuclear strike will be initiated to eliminate the daikaiju threat. (G3)

February 28, 2003
Jill tells her story to Jack. The pair is attacked by Cethlu, they jump off a cliff and are rescued by Nox. (G4)

Mount Diablo begins to erupt again, releasing the largest kaiju, Rroar. Nox and Jill head toward a populated area to warn the military of the impending threat. Jack kills Lavababy. (G5)

Nox is killed by Quagg. Jack confronts Rroar, and tricks him into blowing the mountain. Rroar is killed and the wormhole is sealed off. (G6)

March 3, 2003
Jack and Jill return from the mountain. (G6)